Cool Culture

Cool Culture

We envision an equitable society that values, embraces and is enriched by all cultures.

Our mission is to amplify the voices of families and to strengthen the power of historically marginalized communities through art and culture, both within cultural institutions and beyond.

Theory of Change

Placing families at the center of our work, we form strategic partnerships with educators and schools, artists and cultural institutions, community leaders and community based organizations, government officials and civic agencies. Through these collaborations, we harness art and culture to build awareness, inspire activism and propel social change.

Cultural Institutions
Community Leaders and Influencers
Government Agencies
ECCs and Scools
Community Based Organizations

Why Art?

Art is a human right. Art is a bridge. Art is transformative. Art is practiced by everyone.


Why Culture?

Culture is both tangible and intangible. Culture is fundamentally shared. Culture is continually changing.


Why Families?

Families embody culture. Families create community.

Our Team

Committed to families, community engagement, museum education, and early learning.