Cool Culture

City Hall Rally for Arts and Culture Funding

Cool Culture, City Council Member Chi Ossé, and hundreds of nonprofits and cultural workers rallied for additional arts funding in the city budget.

NEA Grants for Arts Projects Award

The National Endowment for the Arts approved Cool Culture for a $30,000 Grants for Arts Projects award.

Inspiring Spiritual Wellbeing: Toolkit Resources

How can we take care of our spirits through art and culture? Download our Spiritual Wellbeing Toolkit for inspiration and family activities!

“Ask a Doctor” with Dr. ‘Simbo Ige

Dr. ‘Simbo Ige joins us to answer questions about health and wellbeing sourced from children and caregivers in our community.

Family Yoga with Luz Emma Cañas

Luz Emma Cañas guides us through an introduction to Kundalini Yoga to inspire wellbeing, tailored to young children and caregivers.

Register for our March Wellbeing Jamboree

Sign up for our next Jamboree at Brooklyn Children’s Museum to enjoy family activities to inspire health and wellbeing.

Coqui Club with El Museo Del Barrio

We’re delighted to partner with El Museo del Barrio for a virtual Coquí Club for children ages 3-6 and their caregivers.

Over 100 Attend February Wellbeing Jamboree

Over 100 children and caretakers joined our Wellbeing Jamboree at Lewis Latimer House Museum for art-making and healing activities.

Healing Session with Baba Oludaré of Kiire Wellness

Baba Oludaré of Kiire Wellness leads us through his “Breathing with Orisha” workshop for healing and self-care.

Health + Wellbeing Activity Toolkits

Our Health+Wellbeing Toolkits include an art-making activity and resources for our community.