Cool Culture

Access Our Family Guide in Your Language

Download the 2023 Family Guide in English, Spanish or Chinese for a list of cultural spaces to visit, a map to help you get there, and tips to enhance your family’s adventures.

Inspiring Mental Wellbeing: Toolkit Resources

Download our Mental Wellbeing Toolkit to help facilitate family discussions about caring for mental health with art-making and cultural practices.

Inspiring Physical Wellbeing: Toolkit Resources

“All bodies deserve love!” Download our Physical Wellbeing Toolkit to use storytelling to inspire wellbeing and art-making.

Inspiring Civic Wellbeing: Toolkit Resources

Download our Civic Wellbeing Toolkit for resources and art-making that encourage the use of our collective power to call for change.

Inspiring Spiritual Wellbeing: Toolkit Resources

How can we take care of our spirits through art and culture? Download our Spiritual Wellbeing Toolkit for inspiration and family activities!

Cultural Partners Visitation Portal

The Cultural Partners Visitation Portal puts information about museum reopenings and updated safety policies at your fingertips.

Health + Wellbeing Toolkits

Our Health + Wellbeing Toolkits are designed to support discussions about individual, family and community health and wellness.