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About the Cultural Access Program


What Will My School Receive?

Free General Admission to Museums via the Cool Culture Family Pass.

A Seminar Series for new Cultural Liaisons (four sessions, each two hours) will:

A Dialogue Series catering to Cultural Liaisons familiar to Cool Culture

Cool Pops & Virtual Tours

Bring the Cool

Days of Action

Family Guide

Enhanced Resources

What Is the Role of My School?

What is a Cultural Liaison, and how do I select them?

Cultural Liaisons (Liaisons) play an integral role in the success of this program at your school. Your school should empower a staff member that has a good relationship and love for your community of children and adult caregivers. This person should also enjoy the arts and cultural experiences and want to support your schools families’ increased engagement in art enriching experiences.

Your Liaison will need to have email access, know their way around a computer, be prepared to engage heavily through email and have administrative skills to keep the school’s program organized. This leadership role calls for someone who will enjoy leading family artmaking workshops and will be a voice for the community sharing their needs and concerns.


Cool Culture is aligned with National, State and Local Learning Standards

  • The Citywide Cultural Access Program is aligned with DOE Early Learn requirements for community partnerships and family engagement, NYS Pre-K Foundation for the Common Core in social/emotional development, approaches to learning, and literacy, and Blueprint for the Arts. 


Your school is eligible to be a Cool Culture partner if you are:

All schools will be notified by late September of our decision. If we are able to partner with you, we will also send acceptance materials and additional program information at that time.

Program Timeline


June 7

Enrollment opens

September 30

Enrollment closes

Rolling basis

Enrollment decisions announced

September 29

1st Family Pass Registration round closes and 2nd Registration round opens

Early December

1st Family Pass Registration round passes are mailed 

December 3

2nd Family Pass Registration round closes, 3rd Registration round opens


February 11

3rd Family Pass Registration round closes, 4th Registration round opens

Early March

Family Passes mailed

March 4

4th Family Pass Registration round closes

Early April

Family Passes mailed

Enrollment Pricing

Fee per School


How to Enroll



The Exhibit

Quarterly email for the entire Cool Culture community with news on programs, partners, and events.



Monthly email for families featuring free events and local activities to enrich and empower your child.