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Cultural Liaisons: A Bridge to Arts & Culture

As the Cultural Liaison, you are the key to success: you are the primary link between families at your early education program and arts & culture.

Thank you for working with us to ensure that all children get the opportunity to enrich their learning experience.

Help Families Plan Ahead

The first step for families is knowing where to go. Use these resources to help parents make cultural visits easy and fun.


Try suggesting a specific place for families to visit. For some museums, like the Museum at Eldridge Street, Cool Culture has collection-specific resources for you to use:

Educator Activity Guides
Use these guides at your program to get kids excited about what they'll see.

Integrate Cool Resources

The more parents, children and colleagues at your early education program know about NYC's hottest cultural offerings, the easier it will be for them to use the resources to support their children's education. Try integrating some of these cool activities into the classrooms at your program!