Cool Culture

Health + Wellbeing Activity Toolkits


Cool Culture’s Health + Wellbeing Toolkits are designed to support discussions about individual, family and community health and wellness, whether at home or while in schools, museums or other community spaces. Each Toolkit is informed by conversations with our network of families, educators and other partners across New York City. We will share physical copies at our Wellbeing Jamborees and other events this spring.

Cool Culture has launched We Are A Work of Art Health + Wellbeing Initiative, a series of family and community events and programs (virtual and in-person) that provide spaces of pause, reflection, creativity, learning, and action. As a community, we’ll discuss what’s happening in our schools and neighborhoods to process how Covid-19 is affecting our lives. We also plan to offer calming and restorative routines for mind, body, and spirit and activate art-making that offer moments of healing and joy. Join us as we use art to exchange stories with one another to uncover new, shared ways of healing and creating change that has roots in the wisdom of family traditions and ancestral knowledge. Together, let’s hold our collective wellbeing, our little ones, and our future generations in mind.

You can download electronic copies of our Welcome Toolkits in English, Spanish and Chinese. They include wellbeing resources, a poster art-making activity, and a museum feature to encourage use of your Family Pass.