Cool Culture begins with you


New to Cool Culture? Here's what you need to know before you use your Family Pass and how to work with your school's cultural liaison.

About Your Cool Culture Family Pass

Cool Culture is proud to partner with 90 of NYC’s best-loved museums, gardens, zoos and historic houses to provide the Cool Culture Family Pass to eligible Cool Culture families. The Family Pass helps parents, grandparents and caregivers to give their children cultural experiences that cultivate a love of learning!

The Cool Culture Family Pass

Guidelines for Using the Family Pass 
  • Be Prepared to Show Photo Identification.  Cltural Partners reserve the right to check ID--this is how they make sure the Family Pass belongs to the person presenting it.
  • Bring Up to Five People. The Cool Culture Family Pass Provides free general admission for up to five (5) individuals, INCLUDING the Pass holder.
  • Family Only.  The Cool Culture Family Pass may not be used for group or class visits.
  • Extras are Extra.  The Family Pass covers general admission—please be prepared to pay additional costs and fees if you plan to attend any special exhibits, films etc. that may carry cost outside of the general admission price.

Check out the Cool Culture Family Guide to learn how to use your Family Pass!

Your Cultural Liaison

Have questions about Cool Culture? Ask your Cultural Liaison!

The Cultural Liaison is a staff member from your child's participating center or school who has volunteered to be your resource for all things Cool Culture!

Working directly with Cool Culture, the Cultural Liaison is responsible for:

  • helping you with Cool Culture Family Pass registration, distributing it to you, and letting you know how to use it when you receive it.
  • presenting on Cool Culture at parent meetings, speaking with you  at parent conferences, or even at pick-up and drop-off.
  • encouraging you and your family to make visits to the 90 Cultural Partners and guiding you toward Cool resources like Cool Culture Hunt Cards.

With the help of your Cultural Liaison, you and your family will become active explorers of all the great resources NYC's cultural institutions have to offer--plus they'll help you be more knowledgeable about the great museums, botanical gardens and zoos you can visit with your Cool Culture Family Pass!

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