Trip Tips


Choose Where to Visit

Use the suggestions in our newsletter for ideas on where to visit.

Plan Ahead

Check the hours of operation and directions at Places to Visit (call ahead to confirm)

Prepare Your Children

Talk to your children about where you're going and what you'll see.  Make sure to dress comfortably, bring some snacks and activities!

Share with your children: At an art or history museum, we use our EYES, not our hands, to explore! Practice exploring with your eyes only -- the natural oils on our hands can damage an object.

Once You Get There

Be flexible - enjoy the cultural institution at your own pace and don't try to do too much - you can always go back!


Use these tips to maximize the educational benefits of your visits while keeping it fun for kids! 

Before the Visit

Find out what topics your children are learning about in school and choose a visit which will highlight those topics. Talk to your children about what they will see. 

During Your Visit

Have a little fun with the objects you and your children see! Play a game ("I spy with my little eye...); tell a story; and ask questions - What's going on in this picture (or exhibit)? What do you see that makes you say that? 

After Your Visit

Continue learning after your visit: encourage your children to create, paint, draw, write and talk about what they saw. Then get together to plan your next cultural adventure!