Cool Tools


With your children, look through these available guides, then download and print out your family's favorites! Do the activities together--then plan a family visit so you can all see the featured object in person. 

Use these guides to prepare for a visit to the Studio Museum!


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Stuck inside and can't make it to a museum?  Click on the links below to discover some fun games, activities and stories at websites geared towards kids and families.

Can’t make it out to the Garden today? Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden online with your child for a 360 tour of the Garden to prepare for your own real-life visit! 

Brush-up on science skills and even learn how to make a Coral Reef at the American Museum of Natural History's Ology Site--best to do as a family, or for older kids. 

If you have slightly older children, be sure to check out Asia Society's kid-focused webpage, where your child can read stories, learn to make origami, and even learn some Hindi!

Make your own sea creature at the Intrepid Sea Air and Space's Adventure site!

Cool Culture Hunt

Use Cool Culture Hunt Cards to discover unique cultural objects from museums and to do related activities both at home and at museums Check out Hunt Cards featuring objects from the Queens Museum of Art!

Learn more about how to "Hunt" and download Hunt Cards!