Our Approach

Cool Culture partners with the City’s finest cultural institutions to ensure that all families, regardless of income, can tap into the rich New York City cultural pipeline and provide their children with experiences critical to school success. 

Providing arts access opens the gateway to a world of culture and discovery for Cool Culture families. For many of the families of low-income, participating in Cool Culture serves as the first introduction they have to the City’s cultural institutions.


Cool Culture programs succeed in delivering diverse and nontraditional audiences to our City's cultural institutions by working in partnership with hundreds of early childhood centers and staff.

These educators have long-standing relationships with their constituents and their communities, and are therefore able to inspire parents to travel outside their communities-- and often outside of their comfort zones--to access cultural and educational opportunities for their children.

When combined with the commitment of over 90 of the City's premiere arts and cultural institutions, we bring arts- and science-based learning experiences to over 50,000 eligible families.

In that process, we also ensure that cultural institutions achieve their goal of providing public education for all New Yorkers, regardless of income--while developing the audiences of the future.


Cool Culture brings together community members to help parents to instill a love of learning in their children that will last a lifetime while supporting their children's educational development, essential in addressing the achievement gap.

NYC's museums, botanical gardens, wildlife, and performing arts centers provide exceptional opportunities for families to engage in just the types of activities that contribute to young children's cognitive and language development while cultivating new audiences for the arts.

Our goal is to facilitate literacy and learning through cultural visits and to foster a new population of informed, cultural connoisseurs who will remain engaged long after they have graduated from Cool Culture.



Cool Culture family resources arm parents and children with the skills to have a successful visit at all types of cultural institutions. Learn more!