Cool Culture

Wellbeing Jamboree with Lewis Latimer House Museum


Over 100 children, caretakers and family members joined our We Are A Work of Art: Health + Wellbeing Jamboree on February 19 for a day of self-care and community wellness, with free activities, children’s books and healthy snacks for the whole family!

Caregiver picks colored yarn from a table of craft items

Hosted in the gardens of Lewis Latimer House Museum in Flushing, Queens, our Wellbeing Jamboree included art-making led by public school teacher Bianca Allen, a movement activation by Baba OluDaré, and information on other activities to inspire restorative healing practices in English, Spanish and Chinese Welcome Toolkits. We also arranged for a NYC vaccine van to be on hand, offering Covid-19 testing and vaccinations to interested parties. Museum staff hosted tours of the house museum for participants to learn about the life and legacy of Black American inventor Lewis Latimer.

Three children and two caregivers pick out children's books from a round table

One parent shared, “I’m glad I came here with my son. He needed this space to be able to release his energy in a safe, outdoor area. His school doesn’t have trips and outings anymore, so I’m happy he can enjoy himself and do the art activities with other children here. Let me know when is the next Cool Culture event, I’ll take a cab if I have to!”