Cool Culture

Wellness Wednesdays in BedStuy and Crown Heights

Cool Culture staff wearing red Cool Culture shirt stands behind a table covered with snacks, booklets, and other supplies.

Cool Culture sought out opportunities to strengthen community and support family wellbeing in Brooklyn through Chi Ossé’s Wellness Wednesday initiative. Throughout the spring and summer, our team returned to Restoration Plaza in District 36 to offer free healthy snacks, PPE for adults and children, art supplies including crayons representing a range of skin tones, and Health + Wellbeing toolkits. Our staff also spoke to community members in BedStuy and northern Crown Heights about our programs, and provided information for families to bring back to their schools and child care centers to encourage program enrollment. A former Cool Culture caregiver came over to say how much she loved planning museum outings with her son using our Family Pass! Special thanks to Arlean Gillin, Director of Community & Strategic Partnerships in District 36, for her warm welcome at each of the events. 


We’re looking forward to engaging with our community citywide. If your City Council office has a community event this fall that incorporates art and culture, please reach out to We’d love to connect and explore a tabling opportunity.