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Inspiring Mental Wellbeing: Toolkit Resources


How have the challenges of living through a global pandemic impacted your wellbeing and that of loved ones? “Acknowledging our struggles can slow us down to give us permission to be patient and understanding with ourselves,” writes Daniel Tanh, a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in mental health. “That gentleness and validation then extends to our families and communities.” Daniel highlights different cultural experiences and ancestral practices that can help support families’ collective wellbeing and healing, and encourages families to examine what additional resources might be accessed in their schools, work, or local communities to strengthen their mental wellness.


While some people and cultures stigmatize mental health, awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing is growing and there are an increasing number of practitioners of color. In addition to traditional talk therapy and medication, there are cultural practices like meditation and acupuncture, and expressive therapies like art and dance. Family routines and nurturing environments also inspire mental wellbeing. We invite you to find more ways to support wellness for yourself, your family and community with our toolkit’s “Wellbeing Vision Board” activity and a list of culturally thoughtful resources.



Cool Culture’s Health + Wellbeing Toolkits are designed to support discussions about individual, family and community health and wellness. Each Toolkit is informed by conversations with our network of families, educators, and other partners across New York City. We hope this Mental Wellbeing Toolkit helps our community members come away with a deeper awareness of their current state of wellbeing and actionable first steps to move towards a vision of wellbeing for ourselves and our communities

You can download copies of the Mental Wellbeing Toolkits for your home or classroom in English, Spanish, and Chinese. They include free wellbeing resources, an art-making activity, and a museum feature to encourage use of your Family Pass.

Museum Mile Festival: Bring The Cool

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

6pm – 9pm

At Bring the Cool, caregivers, families and children are encouraged to see themselves as the artists, storytellers, creators and curators that they are.