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Below are some ways to create, heal, and share cultural traditions and interests through immersive experiences and art-making.

Abayomi Doll

The Abayomi doll originates from the Yoruba culture in West Africa. During the transatlantic slave trade, African mothers would sometimes take pieces of cloth from their skirts and make these dolls to remember their children and to generate hope. The dolls became symbols of resistance. People throughout the African diaspora continue this dollmaking tradition to affirm cultural connections to the past and embody this resilience spirit for future generations.

How to Make an Abayomi Doll: 



The Healing Benefits of Sound

Wellness ceremonies and rituals that tap into the healing power of sound can be found in many cultures. Self-care and collective wellbeing can begin with an awareness of the sounds in our homes. What are we listening to? What sounds spark joy? What do we want to include in our daily soundtrack? How can we bring these sounds in our homes and in shared spaces that will promote wellness?


How to Make a Wind Chime: 


Cultural Partners Visitation Portal

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