Cool Culture

Inspiring Spiritual Wellbeing: Toolkit Resources


Have you or your little ones made time to take care of your spiritual wellness today? Spiritual wellness can be inspired and guided by many forms – through visual art, sacred altars, music, and meditation for example. Aja Denise Reynolds, a healer, activist, artist and educator, invites the Cool Culture community into the practice of altar making as a way to tend to our spirit.


“Our minds and bodies are connected to a spirit, an inner being that is able to connect to other people, land and animals through an unseen connection, but you feel it,” shares Aja. “Just like you need to take care of your mind and body, you have to check in with your spirit because they all need to be aligned with each other so we can show up feeling our best on the inside and outside.”


You can download electronic copies of our Spiritual Toolkits for your home or classroom in English, Spanish, and Chinese. They include wellbeing resources, an altar-making activity, and a museum feature to encourage use of your Family Pass.


Cool Culture’s Health + Wellbeing Toolkits are designed to support discussions about individual, family and community health and wellness. Each Toolkit is informed by conversations with our network of families, educators and other partners across New York City. We hope this Spiritual Wellbeing Toolkit helps our community members come away with a deeper awareness of the current state of our wellbeing, knowledge of the ancestral and indigenous wellness practices in our communities, a vision of wellbeing for ourselves (our family, our communities and our city) and an actionable first step to move towards this vision of the future.