Cool Culture

Curators for Educators


In these sessions, we partner with educators to harness arts and culture to support the wellbeing of children and families through Family Pass usage and the design of art-making experiences.

Curators for Educators, part of the CityWide Cultural Access Program, ignites educators’ approaches to providing families with culturally affirming introductions to the City’s often-intimidating network of cultural institutions and helping them to embrace artistic practice as a means to strengthen learning, healing, families and communities.

Participating educators attend our professional development workshops throughout the school year. Seminars are designed for educators new to Cool Culture to help them develop strategies for encouraging Family Pass usage and to introduce them to We Are All Curators, our framework for putting into practice the notion that art belongs to all of us. Each session is a collaboration with a museum partner. Dialogues are a deeper dive into issues related to our Health + Wellbeing Initiative, such as self-care and wellbeing as a human right. The sessions uncover ways to unite art and storytelling in classrooms, and cross-share practices for partnering with families.

Museum Mile Festival: Bring The Cool

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

6pm – 9pm

At Bring the Cool, caregivers, families and children are encouraged to see themselves as the artists, storytellers, creators and curators that they are.